• 2018 IS YOURS •

Something I’ve learned in 2017 is that in 2018 I will be putting myself first a hell of a lot more.

I think being the person I am, I always think of others first and unfortunately, this was to my own expense.

In order to be your best self, you must look after yourself physically, mentally & emotionally – this is what i think most people fail to remember when wanting to lead a successful well rounded life. You can’t be the best in all areas if you’re not working on looking after yourself. It will all catch up with you in time….

So, for me, 2018 will be spent with people around me who uplift me & have my best interests at heart. – Don’t spend time with people who drain your energy and who are people who just soak up all the positive vibes by abolishing your positivity.

I will be making sure I stay on track and create a consistent gym routine – I stopped going and my mind has suffered because of this. Mindset can suffer a lot for you when you’re out of your usual routine. With me setting up this new business, my head was all over the place with different ideas all the time so i couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Usually the gym gets me back on track and focused onto achieving my goals. This time, i’m not letting anything else get in my way of this because going to the gym makes me feel amazing and my confidence is through the roof. Plus if i’m honest, my self confidence has taken a battering recently and i think it’s all down to me not going to the gym and feeling good inside, never mind what I look like on the outside.

I will also be making sure I spend a lot more time outdoors – which does wonders for the mind – taking Jasper and Chester on lots more walks which also means i will be seeing more of my gorgeous and wonderful family. These things are priceless and things we take for granted.

I will be reading good quality books to help develop me as a person and a businesswoman – starting with the collection i have already bought and not read – which is quite the collection!!

I will also be working very hard on my new business, without getting distracted by what others are doing & focus on creating something for me and my future. Expect to see lots of updates, freebies, many more blogs and workshops for you and your businesses!

Life sometimes can get in the way of you achieving so don’t let things get in your way so much that it blocks your path – I am determined to make some great goals for 2018 and achieve them!

Have a wonderful night tonight bringing the new year in & remember to put yourself, your health & your happiness first for 2018!