You want to make your life as easy & as automated as possible if you’re your own boss….plus you DEFINITELY don’t want your phone surgically removed from your hand because you’ve been on it so much?!

Read my MUST HAVE’S – simple but VERY effective in making your Social Media Management much easier!

  1. Scheduler

Life without a scheduler is HARD!

There’s no other option if you’re a busy Social Media Manager. You NEED a scheduling tool to help make your life easier..
I recommend Planoly. I’ve used a few but this is the easiest to use & the most visually appealing to me. Considering I spend most of my day on there, it needs to satisfy me & it does everything I need.

Plus – their support team is excellent and are always on hand to help you whenever you need it!


  1. Pen & Pad

Yes – it’s THAT simple. I find having a pen and pad & writing your ‘To Do’ list out is an absolute MUST! For the reason that physically crossing out something from the list of tasks you have is SO therapeutic and you really feel a sense of achievement! PLUS it gives you an excuse to buy your favourite notepad & pens if you’re a stationary addict like me!


  1. Canva


You NEED to get this! In fact, I’d go as far to say if this is your full-time thing or you want it to be…you gotta invest in the paid version. It will make your life so much easier creating beautiful graphics for your clients! Remember, graphics in your feed work really well, including offers you have on or tips in your industry or motivational quotes. When they look pretty – even better!! Canva is your ‘go to’ for this!

Let me know how you get on & what your MUST HAVE tools are!!