Running your business can be tough – especially if you’re a one-person band, right?

I feeeeeel your pain.

You can become complacent and really lackadaisical – literally always wanted to use this word.

You can become complacent, make mistakes & overlook things.

You can become tired, lethargic and bored.

Might sound like I’m being really negative? BUT, it’s the reality of being self-employed and being an entrepreneur.

No matter how hard I try at home in my BEAUTIFUL office, I’m never quite as productive in there as I am when I’m out of the house in the local coffee shop. (Big up to Costa Coffee, Parsonage Park, Leigh – they always make me feel welcome and look after me).

It’s pretty annoying I must admit…especially because I fully kitted out my office and I mean it when I say it’s STUNNING – don’t you agree?!

But for some reason, I cannot stay still. I can’t stay on the same task for very long and I always find myself downstairs in the kitchen, either making my 10th coffee of the day (I drink way more at home!), cleaning the kitchen, putting some washing in/taking it out & putting it on the maiden…or, staring into the fridge hoping the food in there will cook itself.

The truth is – working from home is very distracting and no matter how disciplined I think I am – I’m most definitely not at home.

So…my tips for you to become more productive in your business (home-based or not) are here…

Working at my sister’s house, Blossom Bungalow

I try to get out of the house and work somewhere else. I usually go to the local Costa Coffee but occasionally come to my sisters & work outside in the back garden – it’s STUNNING!

When you change your environment, your creative juices are injected with more inspiration.

You think more clearly and also get refreshed ideas for content.


If you’re not feeling it – you’re better not working or taking a few hours or even the day off, because you’re not gonna be producing your most epic work when you’re feeling like you’re in a slump. I get these days, usually when I work from home, so I either shut up shop or head out for the day to the local coffee shop. (How many times am I gonna say that in this blog!?)


Preferably one that doesn’t have any words…Spotify has some great playlists for this specific thing. You can go off track with your concentration if you’re listening to songs with words because your subconscious will be tuning into the words and you may even find yourself singing along to them…

This is only really if you’re working on something that means you have to write or you’re doing your calligraphy designs for instance – you don’t wanna start writing in the middle of your blog that ‘UPTOWN FUNK GON GIVE IT TO YA’…tell me I’m not the only one to have done that?! I’ve done it when I’ve been writing birthday cards and wrote out a word I said out loud to someone whilst writing it…

I could talk about this all day long, but the main thing I want to add to this is to not be as hard on yourself as you are being right now…life and business is tough enough without you adding to your own pressures, gorgeous!

Share this blog with someone you think needs it & let me know how you found it.

It’s been a while!

Sending you so much love!