Meet Kimberley

A P.E. University Gratudate turned Social Media Manager…with over 5 years experience in managing Social Media for businesses…I felt it was time to combine my two passions – helping others & Social Media!

It’s something I adore but Social Media can be a bugbare for many people, especially business owners.

It can be very time consuming if it’s something which doesn’t come naturally to you & that is exactly what entrepreneurs do not have a lot of – time.

I work with Female Entrepreneurs to create a beautiful Instagram feed which is aesthetically pleasing, engaging, full of value & speaks to their ideal clients/customers.

To be successful in business, your brand needs to be strong. Social Media platforms are the first thing someone will go on to see if they would like to do business with you…so a great first impression is ESSENTIAL.

Social Media is EVERYWHERE – whether people like it or not. According of Ofcom, in 2016, 78% of women & 76% of men in the UK have Social Media accounts.

Finding the time to post consistently on your business pages along with having a personal life is a hard task – that’s where I come in. To allow you to have more time to spend on your businesses instead of worrying about posting and then posting content which isn’t in keeping with your brand, posting for posting’s sake and not having good quality on brand images.

I have been successfully managing Social Media for businesses for all this time now and have picked up a lot of tips and tricks on the way to help make life easier for myself and now my clients.

In My Spare Time…


Keeping healthy both physically and mentally is so important to me, especially when you are working for yourself. I go to the gym & play netball twice a week. 

When I’m not in the gym or playing netball, I like to walk my little Cavapoo Jasper. Michael and I like to take him on new walks where he can interact with other dogs and get to explore his surroundings. We often go out with my mum and dad and their Cavapoo (my brother) Chester. 

Getting out into the fresh air is an amazing feeling and I think it’s something that nowadays isn’t appreciated, as there is so much focus on technology and staying indoors.

I also love going out for meals with my boyfriend, friends, and family and generally spending time with those I love. One of the benefits of being self-employed and having the flexibility of working my business wherever there is wifi – I have the freedom and control over my schedule that I decide to get up and go whenever I feel like it.

Social Media Management & blogging for others is something you can do anywhere. In fact, I sometimes like to get out of my office at home and venture into a local coffee shop where I can enjoy different surroundings and take inspiration from a different environment.