I think if you read this you will more than likely resonate….

There are many amongst us that feel this way but don’t accept it or acknowledge it so I want to help people learn it’s okay to tell people how you’re truly feeling…

This wasn’t an intentional blog…I was inspired to share how I was feeling in an Instagram post – that’s where I like to hang out most of the time… & I find myself sharing it now with everyone who views my website. But you know what…the more the merrier! Social Media is an incredible tool to share important messages so I shall be doing LOTS more of this….

Here goes….

Allow yourself to enjoy time to yourself. Time alone. Time doing what makes you happy. But time which gives you inner peace.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently & I’ve sought advice from friends & experts in how to handle my thoughts my stresses, & now my new found anxiety.

Since talking I realised I am very stressed and anxious but I also learned I can control it.

You could say it’s all my fault but that would be major stress & pressure on myself again…

The fact of the matter is that keeping emotions like this in will never solve anything. Only make things worse.

The brave mask you wear with a smile day in day out isn’t real & only you know that. It’s okay not to smile. It’s okay to have a down day. That’s completely normal.

We are completely consumed by Social Media & society thinking we should always be perfect but that Itself is ridiculous because nobody is perfect.

So I’ve been listening to my body, my gut, my intuition. It’s telling me to slow down & take time out to just enjoy putting myself first for a change.

This isn’t a selfish move but a wise move. How can we expect to work if we are not serving our own sanity & inner peace.

I also learned that not everyone’s way of winding down and having “time out” is equal.

Mine is to go out, spend time with friends & enjoy myself with a cocktail and a dance! So I’ll be making sure I do more of that…

But for now, spending time meditation, journaling & working in distraction-free zones are helping matters.

I’ve also just re-introduced the gym which makes me happier. Working out helps me deal with stress because ultimately you’re almost dying during the workout so don’t have anything else to think about

So yeah…life can throw things your way but remember it’s to teach you every single time. I’m grateful for everything that’s been coming to test me & grow me because it’s done exactly that…tested me & as a result I’ve grown in all areas.

Nothing the universe serves you with isn’t anything you can’t handle so remember that too!

If you could spend time unwinding & relaxing to find your inner peace, what would your preferred method be?

Let me know in the comments below the blog…

P.S. Don’t keep things to yourself! If you feel you don’t want to discuss this with friends, I will be here to listen to you – don’t be afraid of reaching out.

P.P.S. I have started adding lots more to my private Facebook Group…‘Stress-Free Social Media with Kimberley Banner’ – feel free to join me & the gang!