You never know what anyone is thinking & you never will.
They could tell you – but you still wouldn’t really know if that was the truth…

Anxiety for me comes from overthinking a lot of the time. Worrying about others perception of me, thoughts about me, opinions about me.

I’m such a people pleaser that I strive to never disappoint. Then I start feeling paranoid & makeup things that people MIGHT be thinking.

It’s absolutely ludicrous of me to do this but I’ve got myself into an unhealthy habit with it.

So at the moment, I’m working on creating new habits which are much more positive & will overpower those limiting beliefs I have…
Don’t overthink & worry about others thoughts & opinions on you because at the end of the day – if you’re happy & comfortable with the decisions you’ve made then that’s all that matters!
You can change their thoughts but you can change your own.

Who’s with me on working on reprogramming your thought processes & create positive healthy new habits?