Doing what you think is right & what feels right for
you should be the only way.

Never question your actions or decisions.

I didn’t really think about what people might think or say with me being pretty public with my anxiety journey. I only ever really heard of friends speak of it in passing and I never really understood it.

I feel like we live in a world of uncertainty. A world of judgement. A world of worry – not great for someone with anxiety!

We always worry about what people might think, what we might look like, how we might sound.

Showing your vulnerability is a strength. Every single person experiences their own difficulties. You should never allow yourself to feel weak or less powerful for having those honest feelings of perhaps feeling weaker than normal.

We’ve been brought up in a world of sharing your emotions or being sympathetic to others and being an empath that we are weaker people. Being a kind, emotional, kind-hearted person is a strength. We are powerful in our own right.

Sharing my story isn’t making me a weaker person. It’s making me feel empowered. I have received countless messages and comments of love, support & complete admiration for what I’ve told you all about.

I’ve also received messages of thanks – because people now feel they have the strength to be open about how they feel.

Never hold back in speaking out about anything if it feels right to you. Typing this out just comes straight from the heart & I feel so much better when I speak about it. It’s strange. Maybe because it’s therapeutic just expressing how I feel. Sometimes you don’t really acknowledge your feelings in your mind. You try to block them out and move on, but speaking about it and typing my emotions out is really nice.

Maybe try it – this is how it’s helping me. You don’t have to post it anywhere but maybe start writing how you’re feeling. Getting it out of your mind and where you can see it is really empowering.

Sending you all so much love.❤️

Thank you so much for your love & support, I’m grateful beyond words ❤️





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