Finding your path in life can be somewhat difficult for some. On the other hand, others just walk straight into theirs immediately!

Truth is, that sh*t took time for me! I never worried that I wasn’t at the same stage in my life as friends the same age, or even that people younger than me were more successful and they were younger. No. That’s not me. I don’t sit and look at others and compare because that’s none of my business. My life, my path, my journey – nobody else’s, so why bother about where others are up to? It’s pointless if you ask me.


I would advise you not to waste your energy worrying about why you’re not at the position in your life you would have expected by now and just keep working on searching for that thing that sets your soul on fire.


We all have a calling in life. It has a funny way of finding us too – and always finds us in different ways to others – again, don’t look elsewhere to wonder why you didn’t find your calling the same way as others.


Concentrate on you and your own future. Stop being silly! You’re reading this now and probably thinking, “she’s right” I am. Trust me!

i had to go through the different jobs and experiences in my life to work out what path it was i was to take.

It  will find you at the RIGHT time for YOU.


If you’ve found your calling – this is amazing! I’m so happy for you!


If you’ve not found it yet – CALM DOWN. It’s not meant to be yet. Don’t give up on thinking about what sets your soul on fire – keep going. Never give up on your inner happiness. Do what you have to do for the mean time.


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog – why? I’ve been SOOOOO busy writing and creating content for all my clients –  all 14 of them! WOWZA!


just before Christmas I was thinking UHOHHH I’m a bit skint. I was still building my client base then and things were tight. BUT….fear not. I trusted the timing! DIVINE TIMING!


Everything happens for a reason, at the right time and for ways in which to grow you as a person.

Now where am I? Living my self employed life helping other businesses by freeing up the time they spent  on Social Media and took all the worry and stress away or them.

I’ve been rewarded with quite a lovely wage (something I’m damn proud of – although it’s not about the money for me – but this is living proof you can do anything when you do things with love and passion), I’ve been rewarded with the most AMAZING clients who always speak so highly of me and are so grateful for the work I’ve done for them.


Keep going – never give up on your dreams. Yep sounds cheesy – you might not even have a dream yet! I mean I don’t even know what my DREAM LIFE is. I’m too busy thinking about how I can help my clients that I don’t really think about how I can help myself in the long run haha!


This is where I know it’s time for me to look externally for support so i can spend some time working on my own business and dreams. What a flipping amazing feeling! 7 months ago this business didn’t exist. now I have 14 clients and I’m almost at full capacity. CRAY CRAY!


So remember – you will be directed onto your path when the time is right. it took me 6 years from graduating from University to do the thing that sets my soul on fire!


Be patient. It’s worth it. Trust me.


Love always,




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