So sorry it’s been a while! I’ve been busy blogging, just not for myself!

Things are getting super busy – but in a super great way!!

I’ve been learning lots over the past 4 months about myself, business, relationships within business & just learning how to grow some balls pretty much!

Have you read the book or listened to the audio of Sarah Knights – Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k??
It’s a GAME CHANGER! Read this if you’re a worrier – you worry about upsetting others for evvvvvverything!

So in the past 4 months, I’ve decided to commit to an idea I had over 12 months ago – Social Media Management for businesses. In the past 4 months, I’ve attracted 9 different clients who have all put their trust in me to take control of their social media pages in order to free up some time for them to work on their business in other areas.

Outsourcing social media is something that can save you a LOT of time. I think of the content, source the image, keep it all on brand and on topic, current, with the times & post it all for you!

Anyway, what else have I learned?

You have to do what’s best for YOU! Stop worrying about other people and what they may think. You don’t OWE anything to those people who might be looking down on you or judging you for what you’re doing. If you’re not harming anyone and you’re not doing anything horrible, then why are you so bothered in investing so much time in working yourselves up about them? Put the shoe on the other foot and they wouldn’t give a f*** (Sarah Knight inspo) about you!

I grew balls – I learned to say no to people, to not let the actions of others upset me. I chose to take charge in how I thought about situations. After all, if I get worked up about something, it was only ME who decided to THINK that way. Nobody MADE me think that way. You CHOOSE to think the way you think. This is so powerful – change it up! Think differently!!

I hope you’ve had a mega start to the year. Mine has been terrific! I gained 5 of those new clients in January – I mean come on! This is totally The Compound Effect! I feel flipping amazing!!!

Have the courage to do more for YOU. Stop worrying! Choose another emotion!

Have an amazing Sunday!