Kind Words

I’ve worked with a few social media managers before and all I have to say is, KIM IS THE BEST!

She truly does what she says, puts one hundred percent into your brand and doesn’t over charge for each thing you ask her to do.  The best part is, you don’t have to worry about spelling errors, sentence structure or anything! She just gets you, does the work to make sure she understands your voice, who you are, what your values are, and what you and your brand are about.

Kim has literally made my life easier. She totally embodies her brand “Stress-Free Social Media.” She couldn’t have picked a better name for her business. Love you to bits Kim, thanks for making my life “stress-free!”

Alisa Arvind

Feminine Leader & White House Presidential Journalist, Alisa Arvind

What can I say about Kimberley Banner? She’s amazing! When you chose to hand over a part of your business it can be daunting as it’s something so personal & sometimes hard to let go. Kim has made it stress free & seamless. She works with you & listens to what you want. She has somehow interpreted that into the posts & is doing a far better job than I ever have.

My likes/follows & shares have increased considerably in just a month of working with her.

As an online business it’s so important to be consistent on social media but often hard to find the time or know what content to post.

Kim has made sure my Social Media is consistent & the content is different but engaging.

If you’ve reached a place in your business where you need to hand over the Social Media reigns then Kim is your girl.

Thanks so much Kim you’ve given me some time back so I can look after my clients

Laura Moss

Laura Moss & You

I’m the kinda girl that loves to take control. I knew when I was growing my business I needed to allow others to take control and I had to bring on A PLAYER.

Kim is for sure one of them! Kim was able to take my voice and is somehow able to read my mind (still trying to work out how she does that) and inject it into all of my social media posts.

She is incredible at captivating my language, the message I share and provide value to my community.

She is also a team player, has a sharp attention to details and always wanting to know the updates of the company and make a difference. Like, I don’t even want to write this testimonial because I want her all to myself 😉

Izabella Levey

Transformational Coach for Entrepreneurs, Izabella Levey LTD

Kim is not only more than competent managing our Social Media but also creates beautifully written blogs & sends out emails to our Female Success Network subscribers – something that takes yet more time off our hands so we can work on the business supporting members.

We are so grateful to have found someone we can trust to do both our Social Media, email marketing and write blogs for us. All of these things take a lot of time up and because our business is our ‘baby’, it’s hard letting others have their hands on areas we know are so vital when running a business.

Luckily, we found Kim, someone we know, we trust and totally believe in to create brilliant content for us – all in the eyes of a Female Entrepreneur.

Investing in a Social Media Manager and Content Creator is so imperative for us as it has given us time back and everything looks and reads absolutely brilliantly. We are thrilled with everything and can definitely recommend to use her for your business and brand. Abigail Horne

Co-Owner, Female Success Network

Kim has helped me create an online business by coaching me how to use my Social Media effectively to gain new clients/customers/followers.

Yes she’s my sister but she’s so good so why wouldn’t I use her brains to help me run my business?

Kim has helped me build my knowledge of what to post, at what times, with hashtags in keeping with the theme of my business.

Because of this, I’ve been able to reach more people with my products and gain lots more happy customers.

Thank you sis!

  Kelly Banner

Owner, Paper Hearts

Kimberley has created exactly what we envisioned when we were starting our Female Success Network.

If you could have taken a picture of what we had in our minds when we had to think about our Social Media, it was EXACTLY this.

We’re thrilled with how great the content is on all of our platforms. Not only are the images Kim creates beautiful, but the words teamed with the posts are so insightful, educational and inspirational. This is something we were worried about initially when thinking about outsourcing this to someone else.
Will they be able to be thinking and writing things that we would write.

The whole point of us to outsource our Social Media is to create more time for us to work on helping our tribe of female entrepreneurs start up their own journey of success. Thanks to Kim, we have been able to free up a lot of time for this and to work on some incredible collaborations.

Hiring a social media manager for your business is a smart move and when you have Kimberley in charge of it, you needn’t worry about it at all.

She is totally on the same wavelength as us, our goals and totally in line with everything we stand for.  Kim is very professional in her approach to taking care of our Social Media and has created a beautiful Instagram page, along with Facebook & Twitter.

Creating a strong brand is what we are passionate about and thankfully we found Kim at a perfect time and she is just what we were looking for.

Super friendly, helpful and totally trustworthy.

  Sarah Stone

Co-Owner, Female Success Network

Kim has help me engage a wider network of potential clients by passing on her social media skills and helping guide my Triathlon Coaching business in the right direction.

I now realise how important social media is and the positive effects it has already had on my business, in the short period with Kim’s guidance, has resulted in me doubling the number of athletes I coach.

  Alex Foster

Director, Alex Foster Tri-Fit Coaching