If you use Instagram for business, you really should read on.

Don’t forget rule number one…PEOPLE BUY PEOPLE.

If someone wants to work with you, they will only do so if they have built a relationship of some sort with you.

By this I mean creating a story with your posts – tell your audience a little more about yourself, about your journey, about your skill set. Not just ALL about your product or service. You don’t want people to switch off and bore them.

You must focus on building a KNOW LIKE & TRUST factor with your audience.

Do you think someone is going to hire a business coach for example if they only know they’re a business coach and their Instagram feed looks pretty and has nice quotes on it?

No. They hire a business coach for the message they send out to their followers. The stories they tell. The struggles they’ve had. The journey they’ve been on. The things they’ve learned along the way.

People need to know a little more about you rather than just seeing a nice picture of some pretty stationary….you have to build up that trust by letting them in more and more by opening up about your personal journey in business.

What could you do to start showing more of you and your personality through your Instagram

Is this something you would struggle with or enjoy?

Connect with me over on the gram and ask any questions.

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