The Stress-Free Social Media Experience

Creative & Captivating Copy

If posting on your Instagram is something you LOVE to do but you’re just not getting that copy right in your captions and you’re not making that connection with your clients…then my done for you creative & captivating copy is a brand new and exclusive service that is perfect for you!

Imagine not worrying about your captions being written for the month?

No more staring into space wondering what to type under your graphics and pictures…

No anxiety of wondering how you sound or how you come across…

Post with confidence knowing your captions are already done for you, covering your content pillars, brand values and voice and whole business ethos and all you have to do is copy and paste them into your captions et voila!

This done for your service saves you stress AND time knowing it’s a heavy time focused task that is already done and dusted by an expert!

So say goodbye to a blank screen and hello to a lot more time for you to spend on your zone of genius!

Included in this package are 30 captions created in your brand voice, with authenticity & lots of engaging prompts for your audience!

A month’s worth of posts (30) – Just £450

Kim is an Instagram whisperer and such a delight to work with! In a very short period of time, I’ve seen instant results. I’ve been able to create a more tailored strategy that speaks directly to my audience leading to increased engagement on the feed and on stories. From strategy to content creation, it really IS Stress Free Social Media all the way. Game changer FOR SURE.

(Content Strategy Sessions)

Jackie Fleischmann

Real Estate Performance Coach

Copy might not be the ONLY thing you struggle with!

If creating consistent graphics within your brand is something you also struggle with, but you know how important they are for your business…then it’s time to outsource! 

You guessed it! I also create branded graphics to help you ease the stresses EVEN MORE and create you some more time in your business.

If you want to remain professional and have that stand out social presence you crave, then “giving it a go” yourself is only going to damage your reputation and brand!

Done for you Gram Graphics is something that will be a TIME-GIVER for you, not to mention attracting even more dream clients by matching your graphics up to your captivating copy!

It’s the full package!

All the hard work is done, you just have to post the copy and graphics out at a time you want to and BOOM! The stress free way is the best way!

Get 15 ready made, on-brand, templates for you to simply add your text into – Just £250

Kimberley explained in full what I needed to do, how to do it and the benefits of doing so! We worked through several elements together on the strategy call and others were detailed in the full report that was emailed to me immediately following the call.

Kimberley has offered her feedback since and is always so easy to talk to and access. I’d highly recommend @stressfreesocialmedia to anyone wanting to improve their Instagram game with ease and simplicity.

(90 min Strategy Session)


Mortgage Advisor

Instagram Glow Up - Done For You Feed

You provide the images & have your graphics created for you, all in your brand & planned out on a feed using Planoly!


All you need to do is add your captions & you’re good to go for posting!


Don’t worry about creating graphics, or making your feed look good – that’s all taken care of for you!


A certain way to a stress-free social media experience!


Have your feed planned out for a month – Just £350 per month


Kimberley is an absolute life saver!

As a busy working Mum of 2 I do not have the time to think about the graphics and ensure my captions are Instagram worthy. The service I use with Kimberley is a god send. I write the captions for the week, send them to her, she creates the graphics, tweaks the copy and pops them all onto Planoly for me. All I have to do is post them when I am ready to.

The service is seamless and a absolute game changer. I couldn’t recommend Stress Free Social Media enough.

Tori Drew

This Parent Can

Ultimate Gram Glow Up Package

Combining the done for you graphics & done for you copy – this Ultimate Gram Glow Up experience is created for you monthly, with your copy all crafted, graphics created & your feed planned out so it’s looking on-brand & more eye catching than ever!

This is a super time saver!

All you need to do is to simply post out what’s been prepped for you when the time is right for you!

Have your feed ready to go – Just £550 per month

Kimberley really helped me when I was feeling a bit lost with my Instagram account. I was posting daily but was struggling to connect with my ideal clients. After my sessions with her, I felt like I had a real plan of action for my content going forward, and she created me some graphic templates that were much more ‘me’ than the generic ones I had been using. Since working with her I’ve been getting more engagement with my Instagram posts and my stories.

I can’t recommend Kimberley highly enough.

(Content Strategy Sessions)

Kim Scotland

Kim Scotland Web Design & Lead Generation