Today I went to see a counsellor for the first time.


If you’ve ever thought about going to see one – do it!

I’ve realised lately that many of us hide from our true emotions because we feel it’s a weakness that we’re not appearing our “usual” selves. But that’s okay – we’re allowed to experience these periods in our lives.

I’ve decided I will be speaking exactly about how I feel during my time with my counsellor & whilst I have the medication I’m on whilst I’m on it.

I don’t want Social Media to be a place of my perfection & polished version of my life. I have a substantial following & feel it’s necessary in my line of work, at my age, just being a human, in general, to normalise what I’m experiencing.

There’s nothing unusual about how I’m feeling – the only unusual thing is that I’m not very used to it. It happens a LOT around us. But people are afraid to speak out about it. IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL.

If you’re lower than you usually feel in your mood – speak to someone. Try to recognise what’s making you feel anxious or sad.

It’s honestly a lovely feeling expressing how I truly feel & today, speaking to a professional but also someone completely impartial. There’s completely no judgement on what you’re saying. They don’t put words in your mouth. They just understand what you’re feeling and help you understand why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling.

You wouldn’t believe the things you come away realising about yourself. You’re totally oblivious to your own emotions & behaviour at times. If you’re anything like me – you’re the first person to recognise when someone else isn’t being themselves & you want to help them with everything you have.

The mistake I made was not recognising in myself that I wasn’t feeling particularly happy or like myself. So as soon as I recognised it – here I am. Sharing with you all how I feel & my experiences in the positive steps I’m taking to acknowledge my true emotions.

There’s nothing wrong with being this way, feeling this way & choosing to be open about it either.

Seek help if you need it.

Said with love as always,




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