Ways I Can Help You 

Blog Writing

It’s another time consuming part of the social media world but very important if you want to add a personal touch. I’m skilled in writing blogs for my clients & have eased a lot of pressure for them.

Social Media Management

Management of Social Media channels including content creation, creative imagery & posting at peak times to drive traffic to your website/product/service.

Why Do You Need A Social Media Presence? 

It’s the first point of call these days for your customers and clients to look at. Even before you go for a job interview, guaranteed your employer has searched for you on Facebook and ‘judged’ you.

Yes sounds quite harsh, but Social Media is where you are judged – good or bad – but it’s where you must be if you’re wanting to expose your business, service, product etc to your customers and network.

It can be overwhelming for some people posting online, but trust me, it’s the most effective way to get things across to your clients and customers.

Outsourcing for help in this area is a great idea for businesses who don’t have the time to dedicate to putting together valuable content.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s easy – there is a real knack to it.

It can take a while to create a post which is eye catching – that’s where you have to have a creative ability.

The longest thing can be thinking of the caption for your post you’re about to put onto Instagram for instance – you have to be talking to the audience in a language that they will appreciate and understand. You have to be relatable to the audience but still be professional.

Hashtags – well don’t get me started on those – there’s lots to learn about those and lots you need to know within your niche specifically.

Finally – the aesthetics of the instagram caption to make it actually readable.

See – there’s way more to it than you first thought.

I’ve had meetings with clients to see if I can help them and initially they didn’t think there was too much to think about with regards to social media – well you just post a picture and write something underneath – NO – so much more to think about!

Many businesses try to manage their own social media but find the busier they get in store or with clients, they have less time free to post any updates. If you didn’t know the importance of consistency within social media and the algorithms involved, then you need to. If you forget to post for 3 days – the social media platforms you’re using won’t display your posts in your clients/target market/customers news feed because you haven’t been consistent enough.

Getting someone else to do it correctly for you will free up your time and allow you to work on other sides of the business to help it grow and in turn, increase your customers/clients.

Yes it’s modern and this job role for someone wasn’t a ‘thing’ all those years ago but you have to keep up with the times and roll with the current trends – social media being one that’s going absolutely nowhere!

The nature of today’s society is that we are all really nosy – people love to snoop on others!

Are you ready to get your business out there to everyone who needs to see it?

Let’s get you started!

Which Package Is The Best One For You?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Social Media Manager?

If you find that creating content and planning and scheduling your Social Media is taking too much time up and is causing you stress, then you need to hire a Social Media Manager.

Can I still post on my Social Media?

Yes of course you can. I will ensure that your posts are coherent and fit in with the theme we created together to enhance the aesthetics and make sure we keep as consistent as possible.

Why do I need a Social Media Manager?

Because if you’re not confident with posting on Social Media, i.e. you don’t know when to post, what to post, what hashtags to use, then it makes that area of your life much easier. This frees up time for you to work on other areas of your business.